Head office professions

Almost 2,000 employees in head offices and country offices contribute their talents to our customers' benefit and roll out our strategy all over the world. They are linked to the following professional groups:


Proposing turnkey stays is one of Club Med's strengths. Flights are therefore part of the "all-inclusive" package.
There are now almost 30 partner airlines that take our customers to and from the different villages at the best price. The permanent challenge facing the transport teams is to book the best flight for our customers.


The Club Med Communications teams are broken down into three areas:

  • External Communication & Public Relations ;
  • Financial Communications ;
  • In-house Communications.

They work on the global level. They address different target groups such as journalists, financial analysts, shareholders or in-house teams. Their joint mission is to share Club Med's strategy and news by helping to enhance the company's image through its brand, values, results, holiday offers, people. These teams are mainly based at the Group's Paris head office.

Customer Relations

The teams in charge of customer relations are required to ensure the continuity of the stance throughout the customer's itinerary and provide personalised solutions to customers' requests expressed after their stay by mail, telephone, email or any other medium.