Head office professions

Almost 2,000 employees in head offices and country offices contribute their talents to our customers' benefit and roll out our strategy all over the world. They are linked to the following professional groups:

Human resources

HR back-up of the Club Med's upscale movement was characterised by the strengthening of skills and team careers management in each Business Unit. Our HR policy depends on the development of talents and in-house mobility.

Created and set up as a strategic lever of the HR function, our Talent University aims to accompany the company's strategy, the upgrading of skills and mobilisation of teams while respecting our values and enhancement of our management principles.

Marketing via Indirect Networks

Coordinating partner agency networks, promoting our offers and training salespeople and travel agency managers, building Club Med sales development plans with them are the major missions of the sales teams dedicated to our partner distribution networks.


Developing and steering through high performance systems is the mission of the Information Systems Division (ISD). It is receptive to the demands of Management, Club Med employees and customers. It rapidly anticipates and adapts, it designs global architectures and IT and telecommunications solutions that are consistent with a high level of operation and innovation.