For some years now, Club Med has been building its future around one goal: to be the world specialist in top-of-the range, friendly, all-inclusive, multicultural holidays. Every decision we make and every action we perform is in line with this goal.

Our ultimate aim has been the same since Club Med was created in 1950: to make our customers happy. Now more than ever we need to build a personalised relationship and pay special attention to the people who decide to place their trust in us by staying in our resorts, known as “villages”.

This goal is shared by our Gracious Organisers (GOs) and our Gracious Employees (GEs), men and women from all cultural backgrounds who, whatever their profession, have one common vocation: to take pleasure in pleasing.  Our teams are motivated by a desire to succeed, for high standards and results, and are committed to bringing the Club Med experience alive for our customers or “Gracious Members” (GMs).

This is because being a GO or a GE means sharing the Club Med Spirit. This is a special kind of alchemy unique to Club Med. It is a life experience. It is an attitude. It is a way of doing things. It is also and above all the values that we bring to the organisation.

We make every effort to bring this Club Med Spirit alive and recreate it day
after day to permanently enrich our reflection on happiness so that our GMs feel increasingly fulfilled.
This is what really makes the Club different and embodies all its magic.

With every good wish,

Henri Giscard d’Estaing
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Club Med